Cotton Swabs

  • swabs are made of very pure and high quality cotton fibres
  • wound securely onto paper or wooden stems
  • the whole production process is fully automated in a clean environment to prevent paricle contamination
  • are extremely low in N.V.R., particulate emission and ionic contamination
ItemItem no.Discription / SizeTip mm
DYC110-02-3-PA-CTRH-B2 C01100 2 headed, 3" paper stem Ø 4.7
DYC110-02-3-W-RH-B C01101 2 headed, 3" wooden stem Ø 3.6
DYC110-02-3-PA-TRH-B C01102 2 headed, 3" paper stem Ø 4.7
DYC110-02-3-PA-RH-B C01103 2 headed, 3" paper stem Ø 3.6
DYC110-02-3-PA-SH-B-WOB C01104 2 headed, 3" paper stem Ø 2.7
DYC110-02-3-PA-VSH-B C01105 2 headed, 3" paper stem Ø 2.8
DYC110-02-6-PA-TRH-B C01106 1 headed, 6" paper stem Ø 4.7


Foam / Polyester Swabs CLEANZE-Logo

  • free from silicone, amide and DOP
  • low non-volatile residue
  • good absorbency
  • excellent solvent-holding capacity
  • compatible with most common solvents
  • no contaminating adhesives or coatings
ItemItem no.Description / SizeLxHxW (mm)
DYC110-08-132MM-708FS-FOAM C01107 Foam = 132mm 26x8x21
DYC110-08-131MM-707FS-FOAM C01108 Foam = 131mm 25x8x16
DYC110-08-126MM-712FS-FOAM C01109 Foam = 126mm 25x7x11
DYC110-08-70MM-758LPS C01110 HD Polyester = 70mm 10x2.2x3.2
DYC110-08-128MM-714PS C01111 Polyester = 128mm 24x3x13
DYC110-08-71MM-742FS-FOAM C01112 Foam = 71mm 12x3.5x3.6
DYC110-08-70MM-743PS C01113 Foam = 70mm 12x3.6x4
DYC110-08-76MM-750FS-FOAM C01114 Foam = 76mm 10x3.2x3.2
DYC110-08-163MM-740FS-FOAM C01115 Foam = 163mm 18x5x6.8
DYC110-08-164MM-761PS C01116 Polyester = 164mm 18x5x6.8
Foto: Schaufmstoff Polyestertupfer


  • the tip/head portion is made using Rubycell Clean and is constructed of microporous polyurethane foam which provides durability and absorbency. This PU foam is extremely soft with the ultralow particle generation
  • extremely soft with the ultralow particle generation
  • foam head is attached to a strong polypropylene stick mechanically without adhesive
ItemItem no.PackingSpitzendurch-
messer (mm)
DYC110-01-F5 C01117 100 pcs/pack Ø 5
DYC110-01-F8 C01118 100 pcs/pack Ø 8
DYC110-01-S5 C01119 100 pcs/pack Ø 5
DYC110-01-S8 C01120 100 pcs/pack Ø 8
DYC110-01-S8 C01121 200 pcs/pack Ø 3
Foto: Micro Stick

If you require data sheets of one of the swabs, please feel free to contact us!

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