Different Cleanroom wipes are available ex stocks Nördlingen/Germany.
The wipes are suitable for the maintenance in Cleanroom areas and for control of the cleanliness level.

Microlite Wipes

  • 100% polyester; double knitted to provide efficient cleaning of surfaces during maintenance of cleanroom under class 1000 to class 100,000.
  • good absorbency rate
  • multi-purpose reusable wipe; washable
  • wide range of application for cleaning specially cleanroom equipment like computers, electronic equipment, laboratory apparatus, tables and chairs, etc.
ItemItem no.SizePU
DYC100-01-DYCLEAN-MICROLITE-44 C01000 4" x 4" 600 pcs
DYC100-01-DYCLEAN-MICROLITE-99 C01001 9" x 9" 150 pcs

MicroWhite SD Wipe

  • 100% polyester (75D / 72F)
  • can be used under class 1.000 up to class 10.000
  • wipe is washable, with negligible deterioration in its performance
  • Soft and non-abrasive on surfaces; good absorbency rate
  • low particulates and ionic contents
ItemItem no.SizePU
DYC100-01-DYCLEAN-MICROWHITE-SD-44 C01002 4" x 4" 600 pcs
DYC100-01-DYCLEAN-MICROWHITE-SD-99 C01003 9" x 9" 150 pcs

Micro Denier Wipe (heavy duty)

  • made of micro-thin fibers with highest degree of cleanliness
  • superior moisture and oil absorbency
  • The unique construction of fibers absorbs up to 50% more compared to ordinary polyester wipers.
  • non-abrasive
  • complys with ISO requirements of Class 4 and FED-STD209/D Class 10
ItemItem no.SizePU
DYC100-01-DYCLEAN-MICRO-DENIER-HD-44 C01004 4" x 4" 400 pcs
DYC100-01-DYCLEAN-MICRO-DENIER-HD-99 C01005 9" x 9" 100 pcs

Non-woven Micro Fiber Wipe CLEANZE-Logo

  • made of 100% Non-woven PP material, with continuous filament 80 g/m²
  • economic low lint wipe
  • high water absorbency rate, low-lint and soft texture
  • good water and oil absorbency
  • suitable for cleaning of e.g. PCB solder paste, tools, machines, etc.
ItemItem no.SizePU
DYC100-01-CLEANZE-NW-MICRO-FIBER-99 C01006 9" x 9" 100 pcs

ESD Wipe

  • knitted with carbon fiber
  • recommended for ESD-sensitive applications and cleanroom environment where particles is a concern
  • complys with the ISO requirements of Class 4 and FED-STD209/D Class 10
ItemItem no.SizePU
DYC100-01-DYCLEAN-ESD-44 C01007 4" x 4" 300 pcs
DYC100-01-DYCLEAN-ESD-99 C01008 9" x 9" 150 pcs

PolyCell WipeCLEANZE-Logo

  • High absorbent properties of a natural fiber with the cleanliness, strength, and durability of synthetic wipers; woodpulp added to polyester foundation
  • long fibers providing excellent absorbency
  • minimal extractable and ionic contaminants
  • low static
  • wipe meets the requirements for ISO Class 7 and FED-STD209/D Class 10,000
ItemItem no.SizePU
DYC100-01-CLEANZE-EN-PCELL-99 C01009 9" x 9" 300 pcs

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