KT 5000 peel force tester for carrier tapes
KT5000 peel force tester for carrier tapes

The peel force is a critical parameter for every user of Tape & Reel. If the peel force is too low, the cover tape will not stick on the carrier tape properly and the components may fall out of the pockets. A too high peel force will cause costly down times at the pick & place machines.

The KT 5000 peel force tester from K-TECH is the ideal tool to measure the peel force on your production floor. For measuring, a strip of the carrier tape is loaded into the KT 5000 and the cover tape is attached to the sensor. The constant movement of the carrier tape is done with a sprocket wheel. The movement speed is controlled with an encoder. The design of the KT 5000 guarantees the same peel angle and the same peel point during the whole measurement. Before each run, the KT 5000 is doing a self-calibration of the sensor.

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KT5000 alligator clamp
KT 5000 with PC
KT5000 with PC
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KT5000 tape insert

The measured values are transferred to a PC via a serial RS232 interface. A green bar on the screen shows a good result, if the measurement is out of limit, the bar is red. Each measurement can be stored in a file. In addition the most important values of each measurement (e.g. min., max., average, standard deviation…) are saved in a separate file and can be used for statistic process control.

Technical Data:

0-300 g
Sensor accuracy:
+/- 2,0 g
15 measurements/s
Peel angle:
Peel speed:
200-600 mm/min
Tape width:
8 mm to 56 mm; optional up to 120 mm
Peel length:
180 mm


450 x 370 x 230 mm (LxWxH)
21 kg
KT 5000 peel force tester: device dimensions

Power Connections:

Electrical power:
115 V / 230 V 50-60 Hz
Requirements for PC:
Windows XP, Vista or 7
RS232; optional adapter for USB
CE sign
User interface
User interface
Testing protocol
Testing protocol


   PDF brochure KT5000
PDF brochure peel force tester KT5000.